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1. What Is Tel. X?
● A telecommunications platform that uses unique algorithms and smart AI features that allows individuals to make free limited calls, for any reason whatsoever, be it an emergency, checking up on a friend or loved one or even calling a cab, CallTelX has you covered.

2. What’s the difference between Tel. X and CallTelX?
● CallTelX is a subsidiary code of Tel. X modified to grant free calls that involve media streams such as audio backround music or voice advertisements during a phone call and Tel. X is the unmodified and original code that can be manipulated into performing specific telephonic functions such as CallTelX, Live Callbacks, Cloud Directory, Smart voice recognition, Online payment and verification, etc.

3. Who owns Tel. X?
● Tel. X is a property of Tel. X Africa PTY ltd Reg:2019/314074/07 with a patent official number: 2019/05566.

4. How do I use CallTelX?
● Tel. X Africa allocates a Tollfree number for every country in which CallTelX operates so that users can start making free calls. The user calls the TelX number of their residing country and that is it, yes that simple!

5. What’s the catch, is it all free?
● Yes. Apart from having to go through a couple of seconds of user verifications and adverts, be guaranteed that all calls are free for a limited period depending on the stage and country of development. No data, No airtime, No 3rd party App installations, No active internet connection.

6. Do I need a cellular network connection to make free calls?
● Yes. The CallTelX platform uses voice calls carried over the Global Service for Mobile network (GSM) or rather known as the second-generation network (2G) and has a wide coverage that operates in 193 countries worldwide.

7. Do I need to register to use Tel. X?
● No. Although, TelX will communicate with users periodically and collect their caller information for quality and security reasons constituted by country laws.

8. What other products does Tel. X offer to its clients?
● Tel. X can be modified to the user’s needs as it uses various voice algorithms to carry out basically any command telephonically. From Data collection to Voice Biomentrics, Tel. X offers a range of services and can include but not limited to:
-- Smart Telephonic Banking
-- Telephonic Directories (Cloud based)
-- Intelligent Voice Recognition
-- Voice Analytics
-- Machine learning and answering
-- AI telephonic functions, etc.

9. Can I use Tel. X with any phone device?
● Yes. Users can use any of the TelX services using any device that is connected with a 2G network and can make telephonic calls.

10. Is my data safe with Tel. X?
● Tel. X uses end-to-end encryption and does not store any data into its systems, unless the data that users agree to be used by Tel. X’s third parties.